Spatial Web Shooter

Experience what you imagined.

Ever imagined shooting webs with your hands? Now it visually comes true!

Dive into Spatial Web Shooter and experience the thrill of interacting with your real environment using virtual webs. Engage in one Free Play mode and 2 challenges.

- Free Play mode: Embrace your freedom and explore the endless possibilities of shooting webs in your environment. Launch webs wherever you like and watch them wrap around real-world objects, providing a thrilling sense of immersion and creativity.

- Treasure Catch: Test your skills in an immersive challenge to capture sparkling crystals and diamonds scattered around you. Use your webs to snag these treasures before they vanish, and score points based on how quickly you catch them. Be cautious, thoughโ€”bombs also appear, and hitting one can trigger a countdown to an explosive surprise! If you're too close when a bomb explodes, you'll lose points. Master the art of timing and precision to maximize your score while avoiding dangerous obstacles.

- Web Escape: Dodge and weave to escape the clutches of the cunning Drone Bots. These flying adversaries will attempt to ensnare you with their own webs. Successfully evade their traps to earn points, but watch outโ€”as the game progresses, more drones will join the fray, increasing the challenge. With only three lives, your reflexes and agility are your greatest allies in this high-stakes survival mode.

Key Highlights:
- Web Simulation: The developer has meticulously crafted the web simulation details, allowing the webs to interact vividly and flexibly with the environment. Players can use various gestures to interact dynamically with the webs, such as grabbing the web at any point and switching to the other hand to pull the web.
- Intuitive Controls: Use simple hand gestures to shoot webs around and catch treasures. In the game, there is no extra, space-consuming UI to click for pausing. Instead, a non-intrusive user gesture is used. When you make a pause gesture, the game will immediately pause.
- Immersion: Seamlessly blends virtual and real worlds for an unparalleled gaming experience.
- Fun Details. Discover random funny designs and surprises throughout the game, adding an extra layer of fun and engagement.

Spatial Web Shooter delivers a groundbreaking spatial experience that combines action and fun. Get ready to launch, catch, and escape in this thrilling game. Download now and turn your world into your web shooting playground!

Note: Please be mindful of your surroundings while playing to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Please feel free to rate and review the game to let me know what you think. Your comments help me improve and enhance your experience. Happy web shooting!

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