Small Bots

Become a pilot from Small Bot Prime. The Mission? Take on the Googlians in a fight for the universe's most crucial resource: the Power Cores. You're tiny, but you're mighty, as you control a mech suit in a world where everything's bigger than you.

Fight epic battles against everyday objects in giant rooms! With hand-tracked movement and combat, you'll feel like you're really there, piloting your mech with natural hand gestures. "Small Bots" is a wild mix of childhood adventure and futuristic mech battles, with more than 50 unlocks and a bunch of upgradable weapons to keep things fresh.

Imagine battling it out in different rooms, each with its own challenges and quirks. It's all about quick thinking and quick moves as you navigate this larger-than-life world. Whether you're dodging under a coffee table or zapping enemies with your laser blaster, "Small Bots" keeps you on your toes with its intuitive controls and immersive gameplay.

Gear up for a unique adventure where your childhood dreams of piloting a Mech come to life in a big way. It's time to shrink down, suit up, and save your world in "Small Bots"!

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