FrameIt Vision

Plan your gallery on your wall

Use Apple Vision Pro to frame and arrange pictures from Photos to create a gallery on your wall. Frame pictures from your Photos library in rectangular-, oval- or octagon-shaped frames in sizes, colors, surfaces, and materials you choose from extensive palettes. Canvas wraps and frameless are also supported. Drag, swap, and arrange the framed pictures to explore new designs.

A few simple concepts:
• Face the gallery wall, start the app
• Changes apply to all selected pictures
• Selected framed pictures are bright
• Unselected framed pictures are dim
• To select, look at a picture and tap
• Double-tap to extend the selection
• Dragging shows the alignment grid
• Tap the hidden alignment grid to select all framed pictures
• Double-tap the hidden grid to move and lock it
• Undo is single-level only
• Change to frameless or canvas wrap by changing the frame face's width
• Change mat color to none to create a floating frame
• Finally, snap a screenshot to capture your arrangement in Photos

Have fun!

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