Blackbox for Vision

think outside the box

What if a game was nothing more than a peaceful place where curiosity was rewarded?

Blackbox, the evolution of the Apple Design Award winning puzzle game for iOS, leaps beyond your fingertips, through the confines of glass, and into your home and being. Poke bubbles, ponder puzzles, and let the rest gently unfold around you. Become enveloped in reactive visuals, perplexing sounds, and perhaps find something profound.

Blackbox is an open-ended experience under active development. We’re hard at work on new curiosities and will continue to expand the game throughout the year. Supporting our small team’s work today gives you early-access to everything we’re currently built and will eventually include in the base game.

We’re just getting started and endlessly thankful for your support.
We can’t wait to show you what we’ve build and what we have in store,
β€” Shapes & Stories


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