Welcome to a new era of spatial collaboration. Where your work now lives freely in your space. So you can do the work you love in ways never possible before. Webex for Apple Vision Pro will seamlessly blend your workspace with the physical world, unlocking a powerful new way to collaborate.
What makes Webex special on Apple Vision Pro:
- Life-size collaboration: pop out and resize individual video participants and content and re-arrange them to make it feel like your work and team are right in the spatial arena.
- Immersive work: enjoy deep concentration by transforming any room into your perfect uninterrupted workspace.
- Infinite space: let your productivity run wild with an unlimited collaboration space that stretches as wide as your ideas.

What Webex does best everywhere:
- Seamless joining: move your meetings from any device to Webex for Apple Vision Pro.
- Calendar integration: view and hop into your next meeting with a tap.
- Perfect clarity: HD video and audio makes every word and expression crystal clear.
- Real-time translation: break language barriers so everyone understands everything.
- Closed captions: catch every word with accurate captions to keep everyone on the same page.
- Polling and Q&A: spark lively discussions and gather instant feedback from everyone with Slido.
- Whiteboards: sketch, share, and collaborate without limits because your space is now your canvas.
- Breakout rooms: break into smaller groups for focused conversations and discussion.
- Noise removal: hush the hustle around you so you can focus on voices, not noises.
- Screen sharing: bring your content front and center at any moment.

Step into the next era of collaboration with Webex for Apple Vision Pro. Uncover the future at webex.com.

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