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Watch Faces and Widgets lets you personalize your device like never before with a wide range of highly-customizable widgets. It allows you to customize your environment so it can remind you of the people, places, and words that mean the most to you.

Watch Faces and Widgets showcases your battery level, date or time, check the weather at a glance, and a whole lot more!

Each widget can be adjusted precisely to fit your desired appearance and function, using a wide range of colors, fonts, borders, and themes. With Watch Faces and Widgets, you can create the perfect aesthetic and easily change it over time.

You can create almost anything with Watch Faces and Widgets, using the wide range of widget types offered in the app! Here are some favorites:

â€ĸ Text: Add custom text using a plethora of fonts, colors, and gradients
â€ĸ Customizable Date & Time Clocks
â€ĸ Moon Phase Icons or Images
â€ĸ Weather Conditions & Forecasts
â€ĸ Time Zone Tracker
â€ĸ Image: Import PNG or JPG images
â€ĸ Image Strips: Use complex images that change based on dates, time, or the phase of the moon
â€ĸ Device: Battery level and other device specific information
â€ĸ Hands: Use vectors or custom images to add moving hands to track current time

To really take things to the next level, Watch Faces and Widgets includes a range of built-in wallpapers that can be customized to match your desired look and feel.

â€ĸ Watch Faces and Widgets can also integrate with your photo, calendars, reminders and more. Access to this information is handled using the standard privacy prompts, and this information is only used to be shown in Watch Faces and Widgets.

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