Experience architecture

Experience Architecture with Voosey, a collection of tools and experiences for architects, designers, realtors, and homeowners.

Go from CAD to RAD with Voosey's immersive 3D scene visualizer.

Visualize design ideas in real-time and make informed decisions about new construction or renovation projects. Experiment with different design options and find the perfect style without having to commit to any major changes.

Voosey for Apple Vision Pro brings Voosey's collection of CAD and photogrammetry scanned models to life in a whole new dimension, complete with spatial volumetric windows showcasing your next project or latest scan, as well as a fully immersive mode which transports you into your model and allows you to travel between pre-programmed waypoints.

Supporting several major CAD and 3D programs, Voosey allows you to visualize your OBJ and USDZ files and share them with clients, friends, and the whole Voosey community.

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