Vision Ploppy Pairs Full Space

Spatial computing match game

A fun card matching game for everyone! What makes Ploppy Pairs special is the SharePlay functionality, which lets you play with friends and family together via FaceTime and makes you feel as if you are all in the same place.

There are various theme-based levels with difficulties from 4 up to 70 cards, which makes the game a great fun way to train the memory skills for all ages! Each level unlocks a new skin by reaching the best score possible. The score is dependent of the amount of needed turns.

In Shared Space you can play the game relaxed next to your other apps in your preferred environment. In Full Space you have the full freedom of moving, scaling and rotating the cards as you like! Make the cards as big as your floor, put them on the table or hang them on your wall, play wherever and however you want and feel fully immersed into the game!


- Full Space and Shared Space support
- Play together via SharePlay during FaceTime calls
- No advertisements within the game
- Offline playable
- Nine different themes with 74 levels overall
- Different difficulties from 4 up to 70 cards
- Endless gameplay by randomized cards
- Unlockable skins in each level
- Accessible with VoiceOver


Each level starts with a randomized faced down set of cards. Tap a card to flip it and memorize its image. If the next tapped card's image matches the first one, the cards stay faced up, otherwise they will be covered up again. Keep doing so until all of the cards are matched to finish the level.

How to use SharePlay

When you open the game while you are on a FaceTime call, an additional button will be next to the restart button within the game. Tap it to start the SharePlay session. All other participants will be notified about the newly started session. A popup will show up where they can either join the session if they have Ploppy Pairs already installed, or download it if it is not installed yet. As soon as one player flips a card, it will also flip on all the other participant's devices. The same behaviour appears for opening/closing the map and restarting/switching the level - all other interactions will only happen locally on the players device itself. The shared gameplay is meant to be cooperative and not as one against the other, which means to communicate with each other as soon as someone knows a match and letting them flip the cards. A player can exit the session by tapping the previous mentioned SharePlay button again.


Ploppy Pairs is designed to be accessible - this has been taken into account especially in the navigation and usability of the game. The game supports VoiceOver, so it can be played by visual impaired people.

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