Timersive: Spatial Timers

Timers to cook, exercise, work

Timersive is the ultimate time management companion on Apple Vision Pro.

Start, monitor and control multiple timers simultaneously in your virtual space and always have them at a glance on your Apple Vision Pro. Whether you're cooking, exercising, meditating, working, studying, or simply taking a well-deserved break, this app empowers you to keep track of your time commitments with ease and precision. A must have app to stay organised and productive with your Apple Vision Pro!

Features include:
- Start, monitor and control multiple timers at once
- Place your timers within your spatial environment for a personalized and immersive experience
- Choose from a variety of predefined timers
- Create custom timers tailored to your specific needs and preferences
- Name your timers for easy organization and quick identification of tasks
- Search timers by name, and sort them based on name, duration, creation date or last usage date
- Personalize your timers with a range of styles, themes, and alert sounds
- Easily access and reuse previous timers

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