Supercut – Streaming Hub

Watch and browse effortlessly.

Dive into a seamless and immersive way to enjoy all your favorites with Supercut! It provides so much more than just a quick shortcut to the website you want from your home screen, and has been built to make the playback experience on the web more immersive, and the browsing experience feel right at home on your device.

- Browse your favorite movies and tv shows on a beautiful glassy background*
- Videos play with the correct aspect ratio, and dim your surroundings, feeling more immersive than ever. Let's get rid of black bars for good!*
- With intuitive native playback controls, adjusting settings feels second nature, allowing you to focus on your viewing experience.*
- Watch in 4K and Dolby Vision.*
- Supercut is the ONLY way to watch certain websites in Dolby Atmos on visionOS.*
- Shortcuts to movies, tv shows, and search are available in the native tab bar on the left.*
- Search by typing on the keyboard or just look at the microphone icon and say what you're looking for!*

* only enabled on certain enhanced websites.

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