Sunlitt - Golden Hour & Sunset

Sun Path, Position and Tracker

Explore the sun’s movements all across the globe with Sunlitt on Apple Vision Pro. 

From Apple Park in Cupertino to the archeological site of Chichén Itzá, witness the sun dance around famous landmarks worldwide and your current location.

Interact with the sun and solar events to create dynamic shadows, and observe the changes throughout the day and across the seasons, all in an immersive experience.

Sunlitt is an app for everybody keen on sky observation, but it's also a powerful tool for creative professionals, like photographers planning a photo shoot or interior designers designing a bright and efficient environment: there’s a world of possibilities.

Sunlitt’s key features on Apple Vision Pro:

• Sun Exploration: Explore the exact location and path of the sun all across the world.

• Immersive Experience: Dive into a fully immersive environment as Sunlitt unveils the sun's path around users’ current location or landmarks.

• Dynamic Trajectory: Observe how the sun's trajectory evolves throughout the days and seasons, even during solstices and equinoxes, gaining insights into its unique patterns.

• Precise Timings: Discover where e when the sun rises, sets, enters golden hour, blue hour, twilight, and more, for any location.

• Real-time Weather Insights: Access up-to-date weather information, including conditions, cloud cover, UV index, wind, visibility, and more, for each location.

Download now and get ready to experience the sun in a whole new dimension!

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