Sunlight − Rise & Set Times

Sunrise, Sunset, moon and more

Sunlight is the best app for you to plan your next trip to watch the beautiful sunrise.

Calling your friend overseas? Sunlight shows you the right time to call!
Love photography? Sunlight tells you the right time for the right light!
Love travelling? Plan better when visiting countries with short daylight hours, using Sunlight!
Love moon watching? Use Sunlight to find the next full moon day!
Scaling Mt. Everest? Sunlight does not need an active internet connection after setup!
Aspiring Architect? Sunlight computes azimuth and altitude too!

Sunlight tells you the best time for solar and lunar observation from Earth, with simple to read timings, yet with precision options and timezone selections for the power users.

Now on visionOS, Sunlight is more immersive than ever.
A three-dimensional planetary movement shows on top of each selected location, representing the day and night cycle, visually in real time. Watch as it moves from morning to night, as you work in your day to day activities on the Vision Pro.

Floating panes show the current azimuth and altitude angles, which are updated every second, with a seconds-precision clock, for easy cross referencing with the computed event times.
For the moon enthusiasts, live distance, moon phase and illumination percentages are also available.

Available Sun data:
- Sunrise, Sunset
- Solar Noon (highest point in a day)
- Morning Twilights (Civil, Nautical, Astronomical)
- Evening Twilights (Civil, Nautical, Astronomical)
- Blue Hour
- Golden Hour
- Real-time azimuth and altitude angle calculations
- Midnight Sun / Polar Night detection
- Hours of daylight in a day

Available Moon data:
- Moon rise, moon set
- Meridian passing (highest point in a day)
- Upcoming dates of new moon, full moon, last and first quarters
- Current moon phase
- Real-time azimuth, altitude angle, illumination percentage and distance from Earth calculations

Users preferring 24-Hours Time / Military Time may configure in the settings of the app.

Sunlight is a one-time purchase, with no ads.
Purchasing Sunlight for visionOS, also gives you access to Sunlight for iOS and iPadOS. Family Sharing is enabled.
Likewise, if you have purchased Sunlight for iOS in the past, Sunlight for visionOS is free for you.

If you need help in using the app or have some suggestions for it, feel free to email us at

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