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Audio. Visual. Magic. Spool is a dynamic and unique video creation experience.

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Spool, Meet Vision Pro

Lose yourself in Spool's immersive performance mode – specifically customized for Vision Pro. Discover a transformative creative experience where you play with music, video – and space. Absorb the beat on a whole new level.

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Creativity on tap. Spool is the easiest way to make awesome music videos with studio-quality visual effects. Drum machine meets video editor in an experience that’s as playful as it is intuitive. Find your beat with Spool's innovative editing tools. Import your own footage or stay fresh with our library of frequently updated content and effects.

Tap between video content and realtime effects, or set up audio-reactive effects to automatically move and change in time with your music. Adjust, trim, colorize, and sync to express your vision!

Edit to the beat of your own creativity.

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* Tap on 12 video pads and 6 realtime global effects at a time, to perform your visuals to the music
* Easily swap out video and effect pads
* Create portrait, landscape or square video exports, and effortlessly share on social media or with friends
* Record and playback custom sequences

Editing Made Easy

* Sync effects to match up perfectly with your music with our audio-reactivity settings
* Colorize, trim, and add effects to videos and music
* Playback settings: latch visuals to loop or trigger when tapped
* Adjust attack and release of each global effect to fade in/out or snap on/off


* Our carefully curated library contains a large range of original visuals and video content, made from some of the most prolific and inspiring producers and VJs around
* Includes animation, live action, psychedelic and trippy effects, 3D graphics, slow motion, landscapes, cartoons, hand drawn visuals, and so much more
* Realtime effects


* Load your own songs from your device
* Choose from our custom collection of music, with styles including techno, hip hop, EDM, and tons more

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Learn artistic techniques and find creative inspiration with our collection of tutorials! Visit youtube.com/pixite to get started.

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Spool on Vision Pro is absolutely free. Access all features, as well as royalty-free visuals and songs at no cost. Enjoy the experience.

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