Spatial Solitaire - Card Game

The classic game, now spatial!

Solitaire, the age-old single-player card game, is here on Apple Vision Pro! Spatial Solitaire puts realism at the forefront of the experience. The virtual cards are 1:1 scale with real playing cards, and the expertly-crafted audio design ensures cards sound real as you move them around. Experience the joy of playing right on your own table, or use the realistic virtual card table provided.

Spatial Solitaire includes many great features:
- Tap or drag cards to move them around.
- Play either Draw Three or Draw One variants.
- Keep track of your score and total moves, and time yourself.
- View intricate graphs in the Statistics window showcasing your progress over time.
- Undo your last move.
- Automatically move cards to the foundation.
- Customize the look and feel of the game!
- Pick different materials for the card table, including green and red felt, a glass background, denim, and many more!
- Remove the background to place the game on your own table or wall.
- Choose between Light and Dark card decks.
- Beautiful movement animations.

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