Spatial Physics Playground

Play with physics!

Welcome to Spatial Physics Playground, an immersive spatial app for your Apple Vision that transforms your environment into a boundless arena for physics experiments.

Key Features:

- Interact with Physics: Create, manipulate, and observe physics objects as they interact with the environment around you. Discover the fun in physics by watching items bounce off walls, collide, and react just as they would in real life.

- Ultimate Control: Grab hold of any object with a tap, then slide, toss, or freeze it in midair. String objects together with cable and whip them around. Stop gravity and make a colorful cube explosion. Want to see what happens when you fling a virtual ball across your house? Go right ahead!

- Innovative Play: Experiment without limits. Build towers of blocks and knock them down with your hand. Create a gravity-free ball pit out of your room. Make a net out of strings and cubes. The possibilities are endless, and every interaction sticks to the rules of real-world physics.

Ready to transform your surroundings into a fascinating laboratory? Download Spatial Physics Playground now and start exploring the wonders of physics!

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