Spatial Music

A new way to experience music

Spatial Music is a music visualizer for the apple vision pro. Whenever you are playing music in the Music app, you can open up Spatial Music and experience the music as well as hear it.

There are several scenes which are representations of songs. For example, the Particle Universe Scene puts you in the middle of space with nothing around you. As the music plays, colored particles form and move around you to the music. Some particles snap in on the beat. Others fade in and out based on bars or the notes playing in the song. Bigger songs have hundreds of thousands of particles visible for almost as far as you can see. Smaller quieter songs have only a few particles around you. The spaces truly adapt to the music you are listening to.

There are different views you can view spaces in. You could go fully immersive where the spaces take up your whole vision, pin elements to your walls and ceilings, or you could put the scenes in small volumes you can move around your view. With this last option you can open other apps at the same time to have the music visualizer in the background while you get work done.

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