Spatial Menu Bar

App Launcher, Weather, Battery

Spatial Menu Bar is designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily workflow, offering a minimalist and intuitive menu bar application for visionOS. This sleek app provides at-a-glance access to essential information including weather, music control, battery status, date, time, and a quick tap to eight of your favorite applications, all from a single, unobtrusive menu bar.

Crafted with simplicity and efficiency in mind, Spatial Menu Bar eliminates the need to navigate through multiple menus or applications to get basic system information. Whether you're monitoring your device's power levels, checking tomorrow's forecast, control your music, or simply need to quickly launch another app, Spacial Menu Bar has you covered.

App launcher supports 45 apps: Amazon Prime Video, App Store, Books, BusyCal, Calendar, Crouton, Disney+, dJay, Fantastical, Files, Freeform, Home, inSpaze, Juno, Kindle, Mail, Messages, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Word, Moon Player, Music, Narwhal, Notes, Omnifocus, Peacock, Photos, Plex, Reddit, Robinhood, Safari, Session - Pomodoro Focus Timer, Settings, Shazam, Shortcuts, Slack, Speediest, Television, Tesla, Things, TickTick, TikTok, Todoist, TV and X (formally twitter). With additional app support coming soon.

Tap and hold to customize the app you wish to save on the bottom bar. Tap on the gear to customize how many app launchers appear, or if you want to show/hide music control. Tap and hold on play/pause button to bring up Now Playing view, showcasing album artwork, track progress and volume control.

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