Spatial Filter

Environmental Color filters

Is your physical environment too bright? Are you dissatisfied with the lighting in a public space, or do you dislike the paint colors? Now you can immerse yourself in a color of your choice by applying these Spacial Filters on your device. Relax, meditate, and calm yourself under these lights. It is a simple and discreet way to tint your environment. Unlike tinted glasses, no-one will know that you’re wearing filters, and ambient light won’t seep through due to the tight seal of the device.
Both the color and transparency can be changed easily either before, or after you enter the immersive space. Simply tap the color button to select a different color. Tap and drag the slider to modify transparency levels.

Studies suggest that color can have a profound effect on mood and emotions due to its ability to stimulate psychological and physiological responses. For instance, green light exposure reduces photophobia, and exerts a calm and soothing effect on the central nervous system. There is also some evidence linking green light therapy to reduced severity and intensity of migraine pain. Because of this, the default color in this app is set to green.
However, always check with your doctor to determine if environmental color filters on devices like this are safe for you to use.

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