Spatial Earth

The globe at your fingertips

Take exploration to the next level with Spatial Earth, a groundbreaking spatial computing app designed exclusively for Apple Vision Pro.

This app invites you on a captivating journey across the globe, from the comfort of your home. Powered by photorealistic map tiles, Spatial Earth offers an immersive exploration experience, allowing you to navigate through the entire globe including vast landscapes, over 2300 cities and natural wonders in stunning 3D. Whether you’re a curious explorer, a student eager to learn, or simply looking to experience the world from a new perspective, Spatial Earth is your gateway to discovering the planet’s breathtaking diversity and beauty.

Key Features:
- Immersive 3D Exploration: Traverse through detailed 3D models of cities, landscapes, and natural wonders.
- Zoom for Detail: Get up close with the ability to zoom down to street or even house level.
- Extensive Database: Access the entire globe with over 2300 cities in 3D, offering endless discovery.
- Tailored for Apple Vision Pro: Optimized for visionOS, providing a seamless and intuitive user experience.
- Educational and Fun: An invaluable tool for educators and learners, making geography engaging and interactive.
- Dive into the Earth’s marvels like never before with Spatial Earth , available for Apple Vision Pro.

Your adventure awaits - start exploring today!

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