Spatial Bouncy Balls

Unleash the Fun Within Your Space

Immerse yourself in a world where entertainment and interaction collide with Spatial Bouncy Ball.

Unleash the Fun Within Your Space
Using state-of-the-art ARKit technology with advanced LiDAR Scanner integration, Spatial Bouncy Ball meticulously constructs a mesh of your environment. Transform your living room, bedroom, or office into a playful arena where digital balls bounce off furniture, walls, and unseen planes, creating a delightful, dynamic playground.

Core App Features
- Precision Tracking: Our use of Apple’s cutting-edge ARKit combined with the LiDAR Scanner means the balls interact with your real-world environment with astonishing accuracy.
- Interactive Gameplay: Swipe your hand in the air. Bang! Smack a bouncy ball and see it react with real-time physics that will have you questioning what’s virtual and what’s reality.

Spatial Bouncy Ball takes full advantage of your device's capabilities, seamlessly integrating AR and VR to create a mixed reality that’s splendidly fluid and responsive. Whether you yearn for a slice of nostalgia or a taste of futuristic gaming, your portal to fun is right here.

Available exclusively on Apple Vision Pro

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