View 3D models in your room!

Introducing Sparlit, the next dimension of media. Sparlit is the first app to allow you to interact with 3D models in real-time. You no longer have to look at 3D models in pictures or videos, you now have the ability to interact with them right on your screen. View 3D models at any angle and even watch some 3D animations occur right in front of you. Display 3D models in your room and see how they interact with light and objects in your own room. Sparlit breaks down the 2D barrier of media and provides 3D media right at your fingertips. Join the 3D community today and start experiencing a new way to look at media.

Within Sparlit, you will find:

- 3D Scroll
Scroll through various models all of which you can interact with a single pinch. While scrolling, if you wish to view a model, just pinch the top most button on the right and use your fingers to interact with it!

- Augmented Reality
View any of the 3D models you see within the app in your own room. With a single button press. you will see the 3D model of your choice in the room with yourself!

- 3D Community
Create your own profile and upload your own 3D scans and 3D models. Like, Comment, and Share your own posts as well as others. Join users who share your desire to view media in a whole new way!

Change your perspective and download Sparlit to peer into the future of 3D media!

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