Soul Spire

Spatial puzzle ghost fun

Immerse yourself in Soul Spire, a groundbreaking spatial puzzle game exclusively crafted for the Apple Vision Pro. In this game, players embark on a captivating quest to liberate friendly ghosts' trapped within a luminescent spire of color-shifting cubes. The game offers challenging puzzles that require sharp thinking and clever solutions, completed by a serene, meditative atmosphere enhanced by a soothing lo-fi beats soundtrack.

- Navigate through a world of color-shifting puzzles and free friendly ghosts, all set in a serene, Zen-like atmosphere with soothing lo-fi beats.

- Soul Spire ingeniously integrates environmental lighting and reflections, blurring the lines between virtual and physical spaces.

- Experience puzzle-solving in a meditative environment, where each challenge is an opportunity for relaxation and mental engagement.

- Collect unique Ghosties, each adding depth and charm to your adventure, making every level a rewarding experience.

Experience the magic of spatial computing, puzzle-solving and peaceful meditation like never before with Soul Spire only on the Apple Vision Pro.

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