Sora for Mastodon & Bluesky

also for MissKey and Pleroma

A Spatial fediverse client for Mastodon, Bluesky, Misskey, with your picked virtual companion shown in your space!

* Connect with Mastodon, Misskey, Bluesky, and Pleroma instances.
** Automatically completes post likes, replies, and profiles from remote servers.
*** Comes with on-device algorithms to recommend posts based on your interests, fetch posts you missed, and mix them into your home timeline.
** Compose multiple posts in a thread; insert Apple Music links, photos, maps, videos, audios into post.
* Safari extension to open any fediverse web page in the app and within your instance server.

Sora is the fediverse client for the future!

◐ Completeness β—‘ auto-fills fetches incomplete profile details, like counts, replies, and many other data from remote instances
◐ Compatibility β—‘ unified platform for Mastodon, Misskey, Firefish, Bluesky, and Pleroma. Supports multiple account logins.
◐ Intelligence β—‘ Built-in local machine learning algorithm tailors content based on your preferences, bringing a diverse range of posts from the Fediverse. Say goodbye to blank timelinesβ€”even for new users!
◐ Design β—‘ Modern UI interface. Misskey/Firefish/Pleroma emoji rendering directly within timeline

β–  "For You" Timeline
On-device algorithms learn about your interests, surfaces posts from across the Fediverse, and intelligently mix them into your home timeline.

β–  Share extension
Use the systemwide sharing feature to easily share your pictures and links to fediverse

β–  Safari extension
When you are browsing fediverse websites in Safari, you can quickly open the same post or profile (on the web page) in the Sora app. The app also tries to find the post or profile on your own instance server so you can perform interactions like like and follow.

β–  Sorted Notifications
Notifications are automatically grouped on post basis.
System notifications come with profile pictures.
Direct mentions are streamlined into the DM notification tab for easy access to full conversations.

β–  Gallery View
Immerse yourself in the profiles of artists and photographers with a dedicated gallery browser.

β–  Bookmark Folders
Keep your favorite content organized with specialized bookmark folders.

β–  Misskey & Firefish Drive Browser
Access your saved files and folders when logged into Misskey or Firefish.

β–  Search Capabilities
Comprehensive searches across posts, accounts, and hashtags.
Stay in the loop with trending hashtags.
Paste fediverse URL and fetch the post on your local instance.

β–  Post Editor
Enrich your posts with text, images, videos, maps, and URLs.
Express more with our intuitive emoji picker.

β–  Optimized Post Rendering
Posts shine with enhanced rendering for maps, images, videos, and URLs.
Quoted and referenced accounts are rendered for improved context.

β–  MissKey/FireFish Features
React with emojis to MissKey posts and view others' reactions.
Quick-access emoji reactions with a long press on the like button.
Browse the drive and see your files and folders
Ad support for MissKey server instances ensures consistent performance.

β–  Account Management
Fluidly switch between Mastodon and MissKey accounts.

β–  Platform Compatibility
Works seamlessly with Mastodon, Misskey, Firefish, and Bluesky.

β–  QR Code Sharing
Share profiles and posts effortlessly via links or QR codes. Integrated QR scanner available.

β–  Notifications
Retrieve server notifications in real-time and stay updated with background checks.

Note: Some features may require server support, subscriptions, or in-app purchases.

This app isn't affiliated with Mastodon, MissKey, or BlueSky. It's a third-party client compatible with these platforms.

As listed on Mastodon official website:
As listed on Firefish official website:

Mastodon, MissKey, Firefish, Bluesky (atproto), and Pleroma are open-source fediverse protocols.

Terms of Service:

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