SoftEXIT Groups

Your very own private network

SoftEXIT Groups is a personal Social Network for you and your friends or business.

You will only receive messages from your contacts or your groups, no other unsolicited posts will be received. Invite your friends to your own private social network group and cut out all the noise.

Post messages, pictures, links and videos to individuals or groups. Create your own groups for either personal or business. Great for private groups, private clubs, organizations, businesses, or create an open group and let the world join, it's your choice and all in your control.

We take no money from advertisers and it's free to use.

Additional Privacy Features include:
* Unlist yourself from the Member Directory for personal privacy
* Unlist your groups from the Group Directory for your own private network.
* Automate group user approval using Manual Approval (most private), Password Approval, Email Domain Approval (only users with verified email domains can enter), or open your group to the world by automatically accepting anyone. It's your choice!

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