Fly drones with gestures!

Introducing SkyGestures – the groundbreaking app designed exclusively for Vision Pro, enabling you to pilot the DJI Tello drone with the power of natural hand gestures. SkyGestures revolutionizes the way you interact with drones by offering an intuitive and immersive flying experience, controlled entirely through real-time gesture recognition.

With SkyGestures, you can perform 12 distinct gestures to command your Tello drone, making complex maneuvers simple and fun。

Getting started is as easy as powering up your Tello drone, connecting your Vision Pro to the drone’s Wi-Fi (TELLO-xxxxxx), and launching the SkyGestures app. Simply tap the 'Connect' button and wait for the "Drone Connected" indication to appear. From there, you’re ready to soar the skies using nothing but hand signals.

Experience the thrill of flying with the most natural control system available on the visionos platform. Whether you’re a drone enthusiast looking to spice up your flying sessions or a tech aficionado eager to try out the latest in gesture control technology, SkyGestures offers an unparalleled and engaging way to control your Tello drone. Download SkyGestures today and take your drone flying experience to new heights!

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