Sky Guide

Star gaze constellation finder

Witness awesome celestial sights in a profoundly immersive experience, where skies are clear 365 nights a year. Sky Guide is the stargazing app you already know, now entirely reimagined for the era of spatial computing.

"This is a good one." β€” MKBHD
"It’s hard to think of a better use than this." β€” Digital Trends
"[the new] Sky Guide is fantastic." β€” CNBC

Choose one of three earthly scenes to set the stage for an otherworldly show above, then...

Watch a dazzling auroral storm like you are there in person.

Experience a meteor shower of historic intensity.

See the sky in wavelengths invisible to the naked eye.

Scrawl your name in the sky with a wizardly laser.

Survey billions of stars, nebulae and galaxies with binoculars. (can be activated with a two-hand pinch and spread gesture)

And constellations, those distant legends long beyond our touch? Now, they are as close as reaching out and pulling them from the sky.

Get ready for a truly magical and transformative stargazing experience. Sky Guide might forever change the way you look up.


Get comfortable. Since you will be looking mostly upward in Sky Guide, it's recommended that you either lie down or, better yet, recline in a rotating office chair.

Since you will be looking upward, it is possible to unintentionally activate Control Center. To prevent this from happening too often, you may want to adjust your Control Center indicator position to a higher setting in visionOS Settings > Control Center.

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