Skatrix Pro

Spatial skateboarding

Unleash your skateboarding spirit with this first look at the future of skateboarding in the new era of spatial play.

Simply use your eyes and hands to navigate your skater and perform tricks in ways never before possible. Free yourself from controllers and project your creativity onto the space around you.

Session with other skaters in beautiful skateparks that leap into life in your space. Simply look at any ramp or rail that you want to skate and tap your fingers together to send your skater there. Then just pinch and swipe to do tricks with the innovative 3D joystick controls.

Drop into the replay mode at any time to watch the tricks you just pulled off, and lean in to get up close to the action. You can even change the game speed to check out all the details in slow motion and work on mastering your tricks. You can’t do that in reality!

Choose from our first collection of 3 skateparks created with beautiful materials, take on Line Challenges to learn new paths and to try and beat the other skater’s score, or join online multiplayer sessions (coming soon) to skate with other people in real time.

This is just the beginning. Skatrix is a search for the fun and magic of skateboarding in new realities. You are invited to join the journey and become a part of the expanding world of Skatrix. Currently, we're in the exciting phase of transitioning our existing AR mobile game, Skatrix, to the groundbreaking spatial computing platform of Vision Pro. 

As we navigate through this transformation, we are committed to providing monthly feature and content updates, ensuring you are part of the evolution every step of the way. 

Join us as we reinvent Skatrix and unlock new dimensions of spatial skateboarding together.

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