SwiftUI & Interaction Design

Get ready for the future of spatial computing with SixD 3.0.

Highlight for the visionOS version:
• Learn and create with building blocks of the spatial computing age in SwiftUI Lab.
• Apply pre-built component features with one click. For example, add a loop spin rotation for your 3D model.
• All-new design that feels right at home with visionOS.


SixD (SwiftUI & Interaction Design). Designed and developed by Haolun Yang. Awarded by Apple WWDC23 Swift Student Challenge.

SixD creates a bridge between designers and developers. It empowers people to design and prototype with SwiftUI and develop apps with great design.

In SixD, you can:
• Learn UI design foundations with an interactive guide.
• Explore different SwiftUI components, customize them, and copy the SwiftUI code in SwiftUI Lab - what you see is what you get.
• Browse all SF Symbols and search them with natural descriptions ("share" instead of "square.and.arrow.up")

SixD will continue to iterate and become one of the most important tools for designers and developers.

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