Sila for Twitch

Watch your favorite streamers

Experience Twitch in your local environment, mixed with your surroundings and windows. Watch in the living room, kitchen, office, and park with ease.

Sila is an app for watching content from the Twitch streaming platform, specifically styled for Apple Vision Pro.

- Native application for a smooth experience; no reliance on a separate web browser. Designed to feel right at home on visionOS.
- Streamlined video player with controls customized to the Twitch experience. Fill your view with your favorite Twitch streamer's face, dim your room around the video, and more!
- Live chat integration with native Twitch emotes (static and animated) for a complete social experience. Other emote sources and sending messages coming soon.
- Log in and stay updated on your followed streamers' live status with a single glance. Quickly jump directly into watching them, or open multiples and spread them around your room.
- Explore the platform's hottest streams across various categories and discover new favorites.
- Start watching new streams with Siri, and build automations via Shortcuts.

No Twitch account is required for use, but if you chose to use it, your existing subscriptions and Twitch Turbo status will be used.

Sila is open source and available under the MIT license. Join the community, contribute back, or simply ask questions at

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