Sense: Find & Visualize Music

Visualize music around you

Use the audio visualizer to enhance your music listening experience or for demonstration purposes.

â€ĸ Audio visualizer for external audio sources played to the microphone.
â€ĸ Shazam support for loading song information and cover art.
â€ĸ Saves 30 recently identified songs.
â€ĸ Default Theme Customization (unlocked with in-app purchase).
â€ĸ Dynamic Theme Customization based on song cover art (unlocked with in-app purchase).

Known Bugs and Limitations:
â€ĸ Due to DRM restrictions from music streaming services, such as Spotify and Apple Music, the app doesn't integrate with streamed audio. Microphone input is used for the audio visualizer, which enables visualization for music playing from an external device or source.
â€ĸ Environment Sounds have to be muted to use the audio visualizer in Immersive mode.
â€ĸ Playing music from the Apple Music app in visionOS does not affect the visualizer. The Vision Pro's microphone doesn't pick up much audio from the device's speakers.
â€ĸ App freeze/buffers sometimes when detecting a new song

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