SageBrush: AI Painter

Paint with the power of AI

From the creator of Polychord comes SageBrush: AI Painter – the simplest way to create with AI.

Designed for everyone – from the complete beginner to the seasoned artist – SageBrush offers a unique interactive experience that blends human creativity with Generative AI.

Simple, Intuitive Interface: Enter a prompt, pick up the digital brush and start sketching on the canvas. Whether it's a rough doodle or a detailed sketch, SageBrush is ready to bring your vision to life.

AI-Powered Transformation: Watch as your scribbles and strokes are interactively transformed into beautiful, AI-generated imagery. Turn up the prompt strength and SageBrush will take more creative liberties. Turn it down, and the AI images will become closer to your sketch.

For Every Skill Level: SageBrush is the perfect companion for all artists. If you're a beginner, explore the realms of digital art without any pressure. Professional artists, designers, architects, and more, will find countless opportunities to incorporate SageBrush into their workflow.

Human Centric: More than just a drawing app, SageBrush is an interactive art partner. Collaborate interactively with the AI, guiding the creation process with your personal touch.

Supports Light & Dark modes, as well as left and right hand orientation. Explore ControlNet mode for when you want the AI to follow your drawing even more closely, and select from a ton of included styles.

SageBrush runs AI processing on a GPU cloud provider, and in-app purchase of tokens or a token subscription is required. Terms & Conditions apply.

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