Sacred Seconds: Spacial Clocks

Transform Spaces with Time

Make every second count with "Sacred Seconds: Spacial Clocks," an immersive clock app designed exclusively for Apple Vision Pro. Experience time in a new dimension, where functionality meets artistry, and every moment is a vivid celebration of the present.

Spatial Harmony:Time isn't just seen but felt. Our clocks offer a minimalist, distraction-free interface, making them the ideal office companion or a striking decorative piece, Sacred Seconds seamlessly integrates with your environment.

Diverse Styles: Choose from over 5 unique clock designs (with more coming soon), each with its distinct aesthetic. From minimalist to bold, modern to historic, you’ll find the perfect clock to match your mood and enhance your space.

Simplified Management: With intuitive controls, adjusting your clock's size, position, and style is a breeze. Manage your time more effectively with a tool that's not just practical but also enjoyable to use.

Optimised for Apple Vision Pro: Designed with the Vision Pro's advanced features in mind, Sacred Seconds brings spatial computing to time management, redefining how you interact with your environment. The future of widgets is spacial!

Exciting Updates on the Horizon:
"Sacred Seconds: Spacial Clocks" will grow with your feedback and the latest technological advancements. Our roadmap is packed with enhancements aimed at making your experience even more immersive and personalised. Please leave a review with any crazy ideas for what you want to see in this app! Here's a sneak peek at what we’ve already been planning:

Expanded Clock Collection: We're continuously working on adding more clock designs to our library, and we are working with some very cool artists to bring you unique and unusual ways to experience time. Expect a wider range of styles to suit every taste and occasion, and maybe even make you question your understanding of time!

Dynamic Animations: Get ready for more captivating animations! We're enhancing our clocks with even more engaging and intricate animations that bring each moment to life, making time-keeping a visually stunning experience.

Alarm Functionality: Soon, you'll be able to set alarms directly from your favourite clocks. Whether it's a reminder for a meeting or a pot about to boil, our alarms will integrate seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Adjustable Time Settings: Gain more control over how you view time. With upcoming updates, you'll be able to adjust time settings, allowing for a more customised and personal time-keeping experience.

Multi-Clock Displays: The ability to add multiple clocks to your scene is on its way. Perfect for those who operate in different time zones or simply love the aesthetic of multiple clocks.

Editable Clocks: We're introducing editable clocks, giving you the power to tweak and personalise your clock designs.

Create Your Own Clock: Editing your clocks is only the first step, we want to give you a chance to unleash your creativity with the ability to create your own clock designs. This feature will offer tools and templates to help you design a clock from scratch that's truly yours.

And so much more: These updates are just the beginning. We're committed to enhancing "Sacred Seconds" with more features and surprises that will continue to enrich your experience.

Special Offer:
Embrace the future of time with us now and reap the benefits! Purchase "Sacred Seconds: Spacial Clocks" at the current price, and you'll secure access to all upcoming features and updates without any additional cost. As we add these exciting new features, the price of the app will increase to at least $4.99. By acting now, you not only enjoy a great deal but also become an influence on the evolution of this unique app. Please let us know what you want to see, and we’ll get to working to make it happen!

Why Wait? The Time is Now:
Tick tock, you rock, buy this clock, and make every second count with "Sacred Seconds: Spacial Clocks!"

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