Resolve - Spatial BIM App

Immersive building reviews

Resolve brings 3D building models to life in Apple Vision Pro so you and your project team can review building designs in a spatial immersive way. See 3D Building Information Models (BIM) at true scale to evaluate for important constructability and maintainability issues you don't normally see until it's too late.

Resolve is an enterprise-grade immersive review platform for construction projects. Thousands of projects around the world are already using Resolve's platform to improve the quality of BIM reviews and reduce project risk. Resolve gives owners, engineers, contractors and specialty contractors a better way to review 3D building models.

From design to construction to maintenance, Resolve allows you to tap into your 3D BIM on Apple Vision Pro across the building lifecycle.


Overlay 3D building files spatially in your immediate environment

Review critical 2D information from your sheets and documents while immersed in 3D

Control the opacity of models so you can see through to the environment around you

Leave spatial annotations on your designs to track key issues and tasks

Sync annotations back to industry tracking tools

Explore models spatially with your team

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