Recollect - AI Journal & Diary

Private Personalized Prompts

Journal on a screen that no one else can see. Optic ID and Vision Pro guarantee that no other eyes will ever see your journal but your own.
Journaling on visionOS is unlike any other way to journal. It is private, intimate, and beautiful.

Recollect is private AI journaling app. It uses on-device machine learning to safely and privately help you journal. It creates prompts for the people in your life. It suggests photos you might want to write about.

We designed Recollect because we love journaling. The app is designed to help you journal. All over the app, little suggestions will appear that are meant to help you write more.
We use on-device machine learning to power our intelligent features. That means that all your data is 100% private and never sent anywhere.

â€ĸ AI prompts about your life and your relationships
â€ĸ Transcribe audio recordings
â€ĸ Private on-device AI helps suggest photos or videos you might be likely to write about.
â€ĸ Prompts are personalized and intelligent. They'll even ask you about specific people in your life. "Are you still angry at your boss?"
â€ĸ Reminders help you maintain a consistent habit
â€ĸ You can easily attach videos, audio, or Live Photos to your entries.
â€ĸ Home Screen widget prompts
â€ĸ For You Recommendations: Helps find entries you would be likely to read about
â€ĸ Map/Calendar/Photo/List views for past entries
â€ĸ The design is beautiful for all entries. If you write a lot or just a little: every entry is still gorgeous.
â€ĸ Unlimited Journals: think of these as folders or books
â€ĸ Tags: Easily tag entries so you can find them later
â€ĸ People: Automatically tag your entries by the people you write about.. Kind of like how you would tag a face in a photo.
â€ĸ Import entries from Day One

Private and Safe
â€ĸ Synced with iCloud
â€ĸ Supports end-to-end encryption
â€ĸ FaceID/TouchID and Passcode

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