Puzzling Places

Meditative 3D Jigsaw Puzzling

Puzzling Places brings relaxing 3D jigsaw puzzling to spatial computing!

Enter the meditative flow of puzzling while you put together photorealistic miniatures of real places from around the globe. Explore the intricate details and listen to handcrafted soundscapes come to life while you progress through each puzzle. Warm up by building a Cozy Cabin in a wintery Czech forest. Marvel at masterful artworks while piecing together the interior of a Prayer Hall from Uzbekistan. Challenge your puzzle skills with the breathtaking vistas of Mt. St. Michel, the medieval city by the sea in northern France.

Every puzzle is created using advanced 3D scanning technologies, utilizing drones, cameras, and LiDAR scanners to capture the shape and texture of each location.
Carefully designed from the ground-up for Vision Pro, Puzzling Places brings the age-old pastime of jigsaw puzzling to spatial computing!

Key Features:
- Play three puzzles of varying difficulties, ranging from 25 to 200 pieces.
- Pick up your puzzle-solving anytime, anywhere with autosave.
- Place Puzzling Places alongside other VisionOS apps in your Shared Space.
- Show the magic of spatial computing to friends and family with accessible and easy-to-understand gameplay.

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