Posters: Discover Movies @Home

Self-Updating Films & Trailers

Transform your living space into an ever-evolving cinematic showcase with Posters, the app designed for Apple Vision Pro that breathes life into your room with dynamic and interactive posters of the latest movies and TV shows. Posters leverages the immersive capabilities of visionOS, allowing users to decorate their walls with posters that not only update automatically but also offer interactive features. Tap on a poster to unveil the movie or TV show's trailer, find out where it's currently streaming, or locate a cinema showing near you.

* Dynamic Posters: Automatically updates with the latest in movies and TV shows.
* Interactive Elements: Engage with posters to play trailers and discover where to watch, including streaming services and cinema locations.
* Customizable Placement: Flexibly place posters anywhere in your room, tailoring your space to your cinematic tastes.
* Simplicity at Its Core: Designed for ease of use with a straightforward and intuitive interface.
* Privacy Respected: Enjoy a full-feature experience with the assurance that no data is tracked.

Posters is the perfect app for movie enthusiasts and TV show fans looking to immerse themselves in a world where their room's walls become a dynamic display of cinematic art. Download Posters now and start transforming your space into a personalized showcase of your favorite entertainment.

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