Elevate Screenshots+Recordings

PopFrame for Apple Vision Pro is designed to enhance your Vision OS screen recordings and screenshots. This tool allows users to apply a custom overlay to their content, unmistakably marking it as Vision OS content. Whether you're showcasing your latest projects in presentations or sharing your experiences on social media, PopFrame ensures your audience recognizes the source of your content at a glance.

With PopFrame, enable a consistent overlay look across your screen recordings or bring them to life with dynamic animations. With four unique animation styles to choose from, you can select the perfect effect to match your content's mood and audience, whether it's a subtle fade or a striking scale.

PopFrame helps with elevating the professionalism and distinctiveness of your Vision OS content. Its user-friendly interface ensures that adding overlays or animations is a seamless process, making it an essential tool for anyone frequently working with Vision OS recordings and screenshots. Whether for professional presentations or casual social media posts, PopFrame enhances your content's visibility and impact, ensuring it stands out in any setting.

If you have love or feedback to share, please drop a line at hello@popframe.app.

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Privacy Policy: https://popframe.app/privacy-policy

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