Plant Daddy β€” Water Reminders

Water me daddy

Plant Daddy helps you to care for your plants. It’s a beautifully modern app that allows you to add your plants, record notes such as care information, and schedule water reminders. It’s that simple! You don’t even need to create an account.

Plant Daddy is focused and intuitive. It intentionally does not include features like plant identification, care suggestions, light detection, etc. Other apps and websites can accomplish those needs. This is your cute little place to store your own information, get reminded when it’s time to water, and admire your lovely collection.

How to Use
β€£ Add a plant, give it a name, and preferably a gorgeous photo
β€£ Enter any notes you’d like to reference such as care instructions, light requirements, soil needs, etc
β€£ Maybe add more information such as the date planted, scientific name, location, etc
β€£ Set how often you’d like to water your plant and a notification will be sent when it's watering time

β€£ Sort and Filter options
β€£ Open a plant in a new window and place it anywhere in your space
β€£ Notifications: mark your plant watered right from the notification
β€£ Widgets: add your plants to your Home Screen, Lock Screen, and StandBy
β€£ Siri: Hey Siri, water Snake Plant in Plant Daddy
β€£ Shortcuts: automate actions like Create Plant, Edit Plant, Find Plants, Water Plant, and more
β€£ iCloud: your plants automatically sync and are backed up
β€£ Full accessibility support: dynamic type, VoiceOver, Voice Control, and more
β€£ Universal app available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Vision Pro
β€£ No ads, no tracking, no subscriptions

β€£ Keep track of up to 4 plants for free
β€£ Have a bunch of plants? Unlock the All The Plants! in-app purchase to add your entire collection
β€£ Really love the app? Tips are much appreciated and help support future development

I hope this app helps you to care for your plants! Cuz hunny we stan a plant daddy.

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