Pioneer for Reddit

Redditing in new frontiers

Embark on a groundbreaking journey with Pioneer for Reddit, the inaugural Reddit app designed exclusively for Apple Vision Pro. As we launch, Pioneer emphasizes delivering an unparalleled browsing experience, currently prioritizing content exploration over direct user interactions like commenting and posting. This focus ensures users can enjoy a smooth, expansive exploration of Reddit, with plans to expand functionality to include full account features in the future.


- Customizable Home Subreddit: Start your exploration in a universe tailored to your preferences. Choose a Home subreddit that aligns with your interests for a personalized gateway into Reddit's vast content landscape.
- Favorites Feed: Seamlessly create your own constellation of preferred subreddits. This feature allows you to craft a unique feed that mirrors the dynamics of a personalized home feed, offering a curated exploration experience.
- Seamless Navigation: With Pioneer, navigating the Reddit universe becomes a journey of discovery. Transition smoothly between your Home, Popular, All, and Favorites feeds, immersing yourself in the depth and diversity of content at your fingertips.
- Instant Access to Popular and All: Delve into the heart of Reddit's community with instant access to /r/popular and /r/all, showcasing a wide array of discussions and discoveries that pulse through the platform.
- Immersive Media Viewing: Dive deeper with a dedicated panel for videos, images, and galleries. Your visual and interactive content comes to life, making your browsing experience even more immersive.
- Multi-Window Browsing: Get even more content at your fingertips. With multi-window browsing, you can juggle multiple threads and discussions simultaneously, enriching your Reddit journey.
- Tailored for Apple Vision Pro: Experience Reddit like never before on the Apple Vision Pro. Pioneer leverages this advanced platform to deliver a visually stunning, intuitive browsing experience that's as expansive as it is engaging.

Known Issues:
- Logging in, commenting, and changing account-specific settings is not supported yet (coming via an Ultra subscription in the future)

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