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Introducing Penjo for Apple Vision Pro: A New Dimension in Planning and Journaling

Penjo brings its well-regarded digital planning and journaling platform to Apple Vision Pro, blending organization with personal reflection. With a design that aligns with the device's native look and functionalities, Penjo offers a seamless blend of organization and personal reflection, bridging your real-world and digital experiences effortlessly.

Penjo's smooth integration across the Apple ecosystem, including iCloud Sync and Apple Calendar, ensures that your information is effortlessly synchronized across devices such as iPad, iPhone, and now, Apple Vision Pro. This connectivity allows you to navigate your day with ease, aligning your agenda and creative expressions beautifully.

Designed for everyone from professionals to students, and journal enthusiasts, Penjo taps into the full potential of the Apple ecosystem. It provides a unique, agenda-centric platform that integrates flawlessly with your daily life.

The integration of Pencil Kit for Vision Pro allows for unique expression through drawings and handwritten notes, making each entry distinctively yours.

Engage with Penjo in mixed reality on Apple Vision Pro, placing your planner on your desk or as a virtual board on your wall. This immersive feature brings a new level of interaction to your planning and journaling.

Key Features Across All Platforms:

* Flexible Input Methods: Supports text, images, shapes, and Pencil Kit.
* Adaptable Page & Space Control: Customizes your workspace with dynamic page adjustments and layout options.
* Drawable Month Canvas: Offers a creative way to visualize your month and track habits.
* Efficient Organizational Tools: Simplifies planning with reminder alerts, quick navigation, and bookmarks.
* Enhanced Map Cards - Coming very soon: Elevate your memories or projects with precise location information using map snapshots, ideal for travelers and adventurers.

Exciting Upcoming Features:

* Handwriting Recognition: Transforms handwritten notes into text.
* Search and Tags: Quickly organize thoughts with powerful search and customizable tags.
* Decorative Stickers: Adds a personal touch to your entries.
* and more.

Subscription Options:

Free Version: Limited access to basic features.
Paid Version: Unlimited journals, day sheets, Apple Calendar integration, iCloud sync, and early feature access.

Penjo for Apple Vision Pro invites you to a new dimension of digital organization, promising an integrated and enriched routine.

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