Percentage Calculator

A beautiful percentage calculator.

OffOf helps you calculate to percentage OFF of a particular number, and the percentage OF a particular number.

OffOf is NOT a full calculator. Your device already comes with a great calculator. OffOf is a Percentage Calculator ONLY.

• 35% OFF
Instantly know how much you're going to spend while shopping. What is the cost of that $18.99 t-shirt when its 35% off? OffOf makes it easy to calculate.
Simply enter 35% as the "Percentage" and 18.99 as the "Amount" and OffOf will show you how much you'll be spending after the discount.

• 16% OF
What is 16% of 2,458? OffOf will get you that answer instantly. Just enter 16% as the "Percentage" and 2,458 as the "Amount" and you'll know right away.

• Real, satisfying mechanical keyboard sounds

• Delightful haptic feedback on button presses and more

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