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■ Always know what's playing
The SongDisplay feature enables you to place a window anywhere in your environment. It uses your device's microphone to identify any music that's playing, regardless of the source. Whether you're listening to a vinyl record, watching a series on Apple TV+ or enjoying a DJ mix on YouTube, simply glance at the SongDisplay window to see the name of the song. If you have an Apple Music subscription, you can even add the song directly to your library. How cool is that?!

■ All Details. One Place.
NowPlaying is a platform that can help you find interesting details and facts about any song, album or artist. It uses various sources to provide you with information and is connected to extensive databases. Sometimes, it also shows you content and stories provided directly by the artists themselves. All of this is done because music is more than just sound, it tells a story.

One unique feature of NowPlaying on visionOS is that it displays life-size 3D models of awards such as the Grammy, BRIT, Eurovision, and more. This gives you the feeling of having won one of these prestigious awards yourself!

■ Content & Fun. In Perfect Harmony.
Enjoy fresh music and unlock unique rewards by completing tasks. Place your awards on shelves to commemorate your achievements!

■ Apple Music Integration
Connect directly to Apple Music and bring the hidden gems you rediscovered into the digital era. Connecting to Apple Music not only lets you save songs, but also provides you with more insights about the music you have recently played outside of NowPlaying.

■ Available Content
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