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Night Sky for Apple Vision Pro

Welcome to the most powerful and immersive Planetarium experience ever created - Night Sky for Apple Vision Pro. Pull objects from the sky with your own hands, have personal tours of the sky around you, become the centre of the Solar System, and even land on the surface of other planets! Night Sky for Apple Vision Pro is the most immersive and dazzling experience of Night Sky ever created!

Night Sky for Apple Vision Pro contains the following features:

* Fully Immersive Planetarium - Wrap yourself in 360° of Night Sky and deeply interact with it. Simply look towards celestial objects and tap to pull them from the sky, then use your hands to expand and explore them from every angle! Hold your hand up to the sky with your fingers extended, and swipe to powerfully rotate the entire sky around you to explore! Choose any location on Earth to experience the sky from that location, or any time in the past or future to view the sky at that time. Experience an array of light spectrums, and customize what you see. It’s the most powerful and immersive Planetarium experience ever created!

* Personally Generated Immersive Tours - Let Night Sky generate a voice guided tour tailored to the sky around you. Customize your tours length, the types of objects you’d like to see, and even if you’d like to manually find the objects or have them automatically presented to you.

* Editor Curated Immersive Tours (Night Sky +) - Not sure what to look for? Let our very own Night Sky astronomers guide you to the most interesting views Night Sky has to offer. There’s already dozens of Editor Tours to choose from, and they’re updated regularly so you’ll always have something new to find!

* Intricate Grand Orrery (Night Sky +) - Oversee the entire Solar System with our beautiful Grand Orrery. Simply touch planets to move them, and see other planets and moons move along their trajectories relative to each other. Choose any date in time to view the location of the planets, or see the time update as you move them. With this Mixed Immersion experience, place the entire Grand Orrery on your desk in front of you, or blow it up to fill your entire room and walk around the planets! It’s the most powerful Grand Orrery ever created.

* Land on Other Planets (Night Sky +) - Fancy an adventure? Then become Fully Immersed with any planet in the Solar System, and view the stars and constellations from its surface! Curious as to where things are from the surface of Mars? See Phobos and Deimos up close! Or peer through the gas of Saturn or Jupiter to spot their moons. Can you find Earth in the Night Sky?

* Night Sky Museum (Night Sky +) - Get insight into humankind’s curiosity with the Night Sky, and see beautiful models of astronomical artefacts throughout history. Expand them as big as you like and examine them up close. It’s an entire Museum right in front of you.

* Space Exploration Timeline - Go back in time 60+ years and see humankind’s advances in Space Exploration. As you travel through the timeline, see satellites populate the Earth model as they are launched, and get detailed data on each milestone in history.

Prepare to be totally immersed, dazzled, enlightened and awe inspired, with Night Sky on Apple Vision Pro!

Optional Night Sky+ is available for $5.99USD/month or $39.99USD/year (or equivalent currency, price by country can vary). You can subscribe and pay through your App Store account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You can manage your subscriptions by entering the user settings in the App Store after the purchase. Auto-renew may also be turned off from here.
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