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TCG Companion and Deck Builder

Lion’s Eye offers a beautiful, intuitive design and various tools for scanning, deck building, and searching. With this app, you can easily manage your collection ad-free without the hassle of card slots or pay-per-scan schemes. Enjoy free iCloud sync, along with unrestricted collection size and unlimited decks. It's the ultimate Magic: the Gathering companion.

Beautiful Design
- A native experience that puts your collection and your decks first. Focus on the cards and the experience of great search and organizing.
- Play with the one-of-a-kind foil effect. Cherish the digital version of that foil mythic you love.
- View any card info, related cards, printings, legalities, and rulings. You’ll discover new combos and gain insight into your cards.
- Flip double-faced cards with a gesture and rotate Battles and other horizontal cards.

Exceptional Actions and Tools
- Your collection is automatically sorted by color, type, MV, rarity, set, format, etc.
- Search your collection by name, oracle text, MV, set, color identity, rarity, price, and types.
- Dynamically sort your cards by recently added, quantity, name, release date, set/number, rarity, color, MV, type, and prices.
- Group cards in decks or your collection.
- Apple Shortcuts actions to get card images, oracle text, and rulings from anywhere across your device.

Intuitive Deck Building
- Drag & Drop deck building and easy-to-use menus for moving cards and editing decks.
- Deck building warnings. Build confidently while the system checks format legalities, commander color identities, ban lists, and companion rules for you.
- Export decks to Moxfield in one tap.

Fast and Flexible Search
- Search that includes support for Scryfall’s powerful search syntax.
- Search suggestions. Find the exact card name without the guesswork.
- Quick-add controls right in search results. You’ll be shocked at how easy it is to start building your collection.
- Recent searches that sync automatically across your devices.

Discover New Cards
- A place to discover new cards. From day to day, see a new color spotlight, featured creatures, and special collections.
- See the Top 50 of each format by price.
- Find inspiration for new deck ideas or gameplay.

The Most Accessible Magic Companion
- A highly adaptive interface with support for Dynamic Type and VoiceOver.
- Mana symbols are read aloud and identifiable to VoiceOver.
- Charts and Statistics support Audio Graphs.

Try Lion’s Eye Plus:
- Scanner with AUTO SCAN: A premium scanner with a single card or auto-scanning capabilities. Set and style restrictions make finding the exact print a snap. (iOS and iPadOS only)
- Advanced Search: Unlock any app’s most advanced search experience to build a precise search to suit your deck-building needs.
- CSV Import: Port your collection using CSV documents.
- Deck building Import: Import your list in MTGA or MTGO format to quickly build decks or import directly from your clipboard.
- Collection Tracker: Keep track of the cards you own during deck building and searching.
- Enhanced Statistics and Charts: Precise charts to see breakdowns of your collection and view a card’s hypergeometric distribution probability.
- Scryfall Search Syntax: Use the Scryfall syntax in search to level up your searches.
- Quick-add in Search Results: Add cards to your collection with just a tap or two.
- Filter Owned Cards: Filter search results to see only collected or uncollected cards.
- Deck Legality Warnings: Build with confidence and get legality, commander, and companion compatibility alerts.
- Deck Customization: Change the icon and add notes to your best decks.
- Edit Card Details: Rate, choose condition, add notes, and more.
- Tags: #Organize and #personalize with tags. Group, select, and filter by tag.
- Swap Prints: Handily swap prints whenever you need.
- Discover Tab: Ecplore and discover new cards and interactions.

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