Moon Spatial Player

Play 180,360,SBS,flat video

Moon Spatial Player is a professional spatial computing player specially designed for Apple Vision Pro.

Play everything: Compatible with every video formats and every codec, Moon VR Player plays whatever video you throw at it
- High resolution videos: Support UHD, 4K, 8K and 12K playback
- Stereo modes: 2D, 3D Side by Side (SBS), 3D Top Bottom, Flat, 180°, 360° (Not compatible with Apple space video for now)
- A full list of supported formats: webm、mkv、flv、vob、ogv .ogg、drc、gif、gifv、mng、avi、av1、MTS, .M2TS, .TS、mov .qt、wmv、yuv、rm、rmvb、viv、asf、amv、mp4 .m4p .m4v、mpg .mp2 .mpeg .mpe .mpv、mpg .mpeg .m2v、m4v、svi、3gp、3g2、mxf、roq、nsv、flv .f4v .f4p .f4a .f4b, and so on.

Designed for the Apple Ecosystem:
- Moon Spatial Video Player seamlessly integrates with the built-in Files and Photos apps in Apple Vision Pro. You can directly drag and drop videos from Files to open in MOON, or long-press the video in Files and select to open with MOON. Additionally, you can invoke Files or Photos in Moon Spatial Video Player to play or import video files.
- Thanks to the seamless integration with the built-in Files app, you can easily access non-local content such as iCloud and SMB servers.
- Batch importing video files is also a breeze. Simply place the video files in the Moon Player folder located in 'On My Apple Vision Pro', and the videos will be automatically displayed in the file list of Moon.
- Play in a window or in a fully immersive space, the choice is yours! Choose a fully immersive undisturbed viewing environment, or watch while keeping an eye on the real world in mixed spatial computing environment.

Stable, fluid, and smooth: Farewell to latency and lengthy loading times.
- Hardware acceleration
- Advanced decoding algorithm
- Minimal resource usage

Super easy to use: Never again will you have to jump through hoops to watch a video. User centered design: Interface and menus constantly improved based on user feedback and usability research

If you encounter any problems or bugs while using, please join our Discord: Our teammates will help you in Discord!
Or you can visit our website to join the Discord:

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