Mindr - Habit forming reminder

Stress free chores & ToDos

Mindr is an innovative reminder app that takes a fresh approach to keeping you on track without the hassle of constant notifications. Mindr enables you to put your reminders wherever you want in your room to discreetly show the time remaining until your tasks are due and how long they've been overdue. Say goodbye to intrusive reminders and stay organized effortlessly, especially for chores and other repeating tasks. Mindr's intuitive user interface ensures a seamless experience.


Non-Intrusive Reminders: Mindr provides a unique way to remind you of your tasks without inundating you with notifications. The window discreetly displays the time remaining until your tasks are due or how long they are already overdue, allowing you to stay on top of your responsibilities without interruptions.

Effortless Completion: Mindr lets you complete tasks right where they make sense. No need to open the app; simply mark tasks as done with a tap, making your daily routines smoother than ever.

Privacy-First: Rest easy knowing that your data is secure. Mindr does not store any user data. All information is stored on your private iCloud and your device, with no third-party access.

Subscription Options: You can enjoy limited functionality without a subscription, for the full Mindr experience, explore our subscription options. Mindr offers flexible plans to unlock its full potential. Choose between a monthly, yearly, or lifetime purchase to enjoy all the benefits of Mindr. Subscription plans automatically renew for your convenience.
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Never miss a task again with Mindr's discreet and efficient reminder system. Download Mindr now and experience a new way to stay organized while maintaining your peace of mind.

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