Metaspace - 3D Sketchbook

Draw in 3D, explore in AR

A powerful sketchbook made with technology of the 21st century.
Step into your drawings for the first time ever, with Metaspace & Apple Vision Pro.

Metaspace gives you the ability to draw in three dimensions, on an infinitely expanding canvas. There are no limits to your creativity.
Draw with photorealistic pressure/tilt sensitive pencils, pens and markers.
Draw with intuitive touch in the air, or transfer drawings made on iPad or iPhone to Apple Vision Pro to explore them physically.

Use it to:
- Quickly draw out some ideas for a 3D concept
- Take complex mind-mapping notes
- Explore your creative side and develop your ability to draw in 3D
- Draw on top of 3D scans and other imported 3D files (.usdz only)
- Create animated walkthroughs through drawings and models

Metaspace uses touch camera controls, meaning that you use familiar multi-touch gestures to move around in the space. Drawings made on Metaspace v15 or newer can also be explored in the physical space alongside you.

- Full Apple Pencil support on iPad
- Complete landscape/horizontal orientation support, including split screen (on iPad and Mac)
- Take any space into the real world, brought to life with Apple Vision Pro

Stay creative.

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