View 3D Gaussian Splats

Gaussian Splats are a hot new research topic in 3D graphics, a way to capture real-world scenes in all their richness. What better new way to preview and evaluate the scenes you've captured than spatially, in full immersive stereo 3D? This simple app provides a way to understand what it's like to be inside your Gaussian Splat model, and to see both its details and flaws right there in front of you.

After you've captured and trained models using whatever tools you prefer, just save them in standard PLY format, copy them to your Vision Pro, and open them in MetalSplatter. Next, "calibrate" the model by setting the up axis. Now just switch to Orbit mode and pinch to move and rotate your model, inspecting it from all sides as if it's right there in front of you!

The core rendering capabilities of MetalSplatter are available as a free open-source library for Apple platforms, based on the Metal graphics API available at

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