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BeatFabrik - Your Virtual Music Studio on visionPro

Unleash your musical creativity in a groundbreaking immersive experience with BeatFabrik, the ultimate Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) for the Apple visionPro headset. Dive into a new era of music creation where patterns come to life and every beat is a masterpiece.

Create Music in VR/AR:
Step into a virtual world where your surroundings transform into a vibrant canvas of sound. With BeatFabrik's intuitive interface, crafting music has never been more visually stunning and intuitive.

Synth and Sample Instruments:
Explore a rich palette of sonic possibilities with a diverse range of synth instruments and sample-based sounds. From lush pads to gritty basslines, BeatFabrik empowers you to sculpt your unique musical identity.

Vintage Drum Machine Awesomeness:
Experience the legendary vibes of the iconic 808 drum machine in a digital format. Build irresistible rhythms with the vintage drumset, adding that classic touch to your modern beats.

Pattern-Based Composition:
Break free from traditional linear music creation and embrace the power of patterns. Arrange your compositions in an innovative and dynamic way, letting you experiment with different musical structures effortlessly.

Seamless Integration with visionPro:
BeatFabrik seamlessly integrates with the capabilities of the Apple visionPro headset, bringing a new dimension to your music-making experience. Immerse yourself fully in your compositions like never before.

Intuitive Controls for Spatial Computing:
Navigate and control your music-making journey with ease using intuitive gestures and controls tailored for the visionPro platform. It's not just music creation; it's a sensory adventure.

Easy Tutorial for Quick Start:
New to music production? No problem! BeatFabrik comes with an easy-to-follow tutorial that guides you through the basics, ensuring you can start creating your music masterpiece in no time.

Dive into the future of music production with BeatFabrik!

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