Mahjong Space

Spatial Multiplayer Mahjong

With Mahjong Space, immerse yourself in multiplayer spatial mahjong with friends. A classic game reimagined for the new era of Spatial Computing.

Use SharePlay with Spatial Personas to play against friends on visionOS, or brush up on your skills by playing solo against the computer.
Have a blast playing Mahjong anywhere, either on a real physical tabletop in immersive mode, or in a floating Volume so you can multitask while you play.

New to Mahjong but familiar with other classic card games? Try the guided tutorial mode to learn the basics quickly.
Mahjong is similar to rummy, but played with delightful 3D tiles instead of standard playing cards.

The current Mahjong Space ruleset is based on the Mahjong Competition Rules, but with no scoring point minimums.

We can't wait for you to experience the glossy beautifully-rendered tiles and the magic of the board coming to life on your tabletop.

Thanks so much for being an early supporter: we'd love to hear what variants, game modes, and styles you'd like to see us add next!

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